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JUICE has quickly become an established act in the Canadian music scene, creating a unique musical style all of their own. Drawing influences from classic soul and R&B and combining them with the modern sounds of indie rock and hip-hop, JUICE offers up a fresh sonic and visual assault for the senses that leaves their listeners in a state of adrenaline-rushed euphoria. Since releasing their debut EP "Nine Nineteen" in September of 2011, along with their live-off-the-dance-floor EP "JUICE Live at Clinton's" in early 2012, the band's music has been featured on numerous radio stations such as CBC Radio 1 & 2, Jazz FM 91, and CIUT FM to name a few. After posting a link to their Bandcamp page on a Reddit article in September 2012 , JUICE went viral - racking up over 45,000 plays in a week and catapulting them to the best selling artists on Bandcamp and top sales in the rock genre. The band reached the top of Rock sales a second time with their latest release "Hit The Ground Running" in July of 2013. Since their tidal wave of online support, JUICE has gained over 15,000 Facebook fans of excited listeners, literally from around the globe, who continuously rave about the music. JUICE's live show has taken them all over eastern Canada, and their tours only continue to pick up momentum, having performed at The Beaches Jazz Festival to Toronto's Indie Week Festival, The Burlington Sound of Music Festival, as well as the PEI Jazz and Blues Festival. Their live performance has received overflowing praise by the media, including The Waterloo Chronicle, Velvet Rope Magazine, Ground Control Magazine and were announced crowd favourite at the Beaches Jazz Festival by BlogTO. JUICE's latest LP "Hit The Ground Running" has been described by Ground Control Magazine as "sounding like the best songs Jamiroquai has written in years", and Velvet Rope Magazine states "these guys are guaranteed success with this LP".

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